Can you save by factory ordering?

Can you save by factory ordering

Can you save by factory ordering your next truck? Not only can you save, but you can also get exactly what you need. Because of a worldwide pandemic and shortage of chips, dealer inventories are at an all-time low. Dealers will take advantage of this and markup existing inventory on their lots. Because dealers are unable to purchase vehicles from the manufacturer they must buy them from Inventory Locators. Depending on the vehicle this can be $3000-$4000 over MSRP. Do not pay more for a truck that does not meet your specifications.

We at Florida Truck Broker offer you another solution. Factory orders allow you to purchase the exact truck that you need. Eliminating paying extra for options that you don’t want. With Florida Truck Broker you choose and only receive what you need. If you can’t wait for the manufacturer order, we will negotiate with local dealers. This allows us to spec out the perfect truck for your business. If the truck needs to be upfitted we negotiate the price of the body. We always pass on the savings to you. FTB, LLC will charge you a flat fee and never receive a commission from dealers or body companies.

A dealership is a business with enormous overhead. They are entitled to make a profit. A profit is acceptable; gauging is not! At Florida Truck Broker we protect your investment. When dealerships can’t buy inventory from the manufacturers they have to find it somewhere else. When that happens they find themselves overpaying for inventory. They know that a customer will gladly pay if they must have a truck right away. Don’t be an impulse buyer.

Therefore, can you save by factory ordering your next truck? You most certainly can! When done correctly, you can save thousands of dollars on your next purchase. Simply call Florida Truck Broker and schedule your next Fleet Assessment. Let us to get you ready for your vehicle needs in 2022.