Medical Centers Unable to Replace Vehicles.

Medical Centers unable to replace vehicles.

Medical Centers in South Florida are unable to replace vehicles in their fleet. Facing a shortage of vehicles, with the most popular van being the Ford Transit T350 MR 15 Passenger. The semiconductor shortage is affecting many industries. It is mostly hurting the medical centers because of its reliance on these vehicles for their transportation needs. This has caused major problems for businesses that rely on them to transport patients and employees. Not being able to find these vans will cause issues when replacing the older units on their fleet.

Medical Centers unable to replace vehicles.

Down time of one of these vehicles could cost a Medical Center thousands of dollars.  As such, it would be wise for these centers who will be needing new trucks in 2022 to plan ahead. Establishing their needs and factory order what they require need further losses occur.

Florida Truck Broker has a solution for this problem so you can avoid any unnecessary markups when you order your new vehicle. By planning ahead, we can help get what you need without paying too much or having to wait forever for delivery. We’re saving our customers thousands by helping them plan their purchase and ordering directly from the manufacturer (Ford). This allows us to negotiate better pricing with dealers. You’ll be thrilled with how much money we save our clients every year. Paying unnecessary markups, limited availability fees and outrageous dealer fees are some of the things we rule out when representing your company.

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