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About Ford Chassis Trucks

Ford chassis trucks were created to tackle an array of  tough jobs with precision and ease.  For this reason, they are available in many different wheel bases and weight capacities expertly designed for a multitude of purposes.  Contact Florida Truck Broker to ensure you get the right chassis for your business needs. Firstly, all the models to choose from, getting an expert on your side is a must.   Secondly, the trucks can be upfitted with a Knapheide body designed to make the toughest jobs as easy as possible. With the right configuration, your truck can have a maximum GVWR of 22,000 lbs., a towing capacity of 34,5000 lbs. and a  payload of 15,000 lbs.

In conclusion, you can learn more about how  Florida Truck Broker can get you the best deal on any make or model chassis truck with the configuration that is right for you, and with payment options suited to your business requirements.

Ford Chassis

The Ford

Furthermore, Ford chassis trucks feature upgraded drivelines and match the chassis components as such! Because of its sturdy construction, the Ford flatbed chassis improves the truck performance with a stronger line of engines. Most importantly, Florida Truck Broker can assist in getting the vehicle upfitted with a Rayside truck body that can satisfy any of your business essentials . In addition, the Ford flatbed chassis can be built for different activities like –

  • Construction
  • Forest Activities
  • Electrical Operations
  • Landscaping
  • Agriculture
  • Waste Management

In conclusion, the drivers or business owners are able to customize their cab chassis as per the business needs. Some of the common chassis body include – Ford Chassis Cab with Dump Body; For Chassis Cab with Service Body; and Ford Chassis Truck with Crane uplift. There are also other chassis options available for your business. Florida Truck Broker will find the right truck with the right body for your business prerequisites.

Above all, Florida Truck Borker has one priority and that is to meet the business needs of their clients.  They will find the best Ford flatbed chassis or any other kind of vehicle that your business requires. Let the 35 years experience of Florida Truck Broker work for you.  They will use their expertise in the business and all their contacts in the truck industry to make certain that you get a great deal on your next truck. Call Florida Truck Broker at (786) 683-6903 to get the latest information on Ford truck deals & discounts, and have them order your Ford chassis truck today to avoid any unnecessary mark ups or “limited availability fees.”