Save time and money

Never leave your office

How Florida Truck Broker works

Initial Consultation

Whether it’s on the phone or on a Zoom meeting this is when we identify your needs.

Search for your truck and upfit

When we identify your needs we will search our truck locator system to get the best offers. Secondly we also contact the body companies for quotes for the upfit that best fits your needs.


Arrange Financing

Once we agree on the price, our truck locators will secure your vehicle so we then set out to find the best possible financing terms for you. We will discuss different options from both the manufacturer/independent banks to determine which is best for you.

Sign Delivery Paperwork

After going over the terms of the contract with you, we will email an E-contract for you to sign in the comfort of your office.


Florida Truck Broker Services

Below are the six steps Florida Truck Broker will focus on in the purchase of a commercial truck. Put our 36 years of experience to work for you and save thousands of dollars on your next purchase.

Finding the right vehicle

First we navigate through local and state inventories to find the truck that is right for you.

Purchasing the right body

Then will reach out to all body companies in the state to find the best upfit for your needs.

Arrange Finance Options

Purchase or lease, we will offer you the best possible options to finance your commercial truck.

Trade or no trade

We will come to your place of business to appraise any trade regardless of its condition.

Understanding Gap Coverage

To Gap or not to Gap. Our experts will explore coverage options to offer recommendations.

Understanding Warranties

Warranties on commercial vehicles with upfits will not always be the same. We will let you know why.

Quality Quality Quality

Ford Dealers in south Florida paying $4K over MSRP

Ford dealers in south Florida are paying up to $4K – $5K over MSRP for some of their pickups. What does this mean for you? It means if you buy from dealers inventory now you will be paying that plus $1-$2000 for their profit plus those dreaded dealer fees which in most places can be as high as $1,800. Florida Truck Broker works with dealers that offer NO dealer fees and will factory order your vehicle saving you thousands


Commitment to our Customers

  • Loyalty

    Our loyalty is only to our customers. Unlike most brokers Florida Truck Broker, will never accept compensation from any dealer or body company, because our commitment is only to you.

  • Direct Communication

    Trying to call a dealership for information or quotes can be a painful task. At Florida Truck Broker, you are one phone call or text away from the owner.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    If we cannot find the right truck for your needs, we will refund all fees.


We locate the perfect body for your business..


Our Pricing Plan



  • Beds to 12′ —– $150
  • Service Body to 11′—–$250
  • KUV Body to 11′—–$400
  • Lift Gate —–$100



  • Truck Bed 14’to 18′—–$250
  • Stake Body —–$100
  • Utility Body to 14′ $350
  • Service Body with crane—–$500
  • Box Truck up to 18′—–$400
  • Lift Gate—–$150



  • Flat Bed 18′ – 26′—–$350
  • Stake Body—–$150
  • Box Body 20′ to 26′—–500
  • Lift Gate—–$200
  • Service Body and Crane—–$500

Cutaway Vans – Box Trucks


  • Up to 16′ —–$250
  • Up to 20′ —–$350
  • Over 20′ —–$500
  • Lift Gate —–$100

Work Vans – Transit, Express or Ram


  • Bulk Head —–$50
  • Racks and Bins —–$150
  • Insulation – Refrigeration —–$400
  • Lift Gate —–$100
  • Ladder Racks $50

Passenger Vans Transit, Express or Ram


  • Up to 15 Passengers
  • Wheel Chair Lift —–No Charge
  • Running Boards —–No Charge